The VegaOne Air Station

the true dramatic story

The VegaOne has taken to the air once again. 


It was that toy plane my parents gave me [that did it].  It was big enough that I could sit in there like in a big plane;  my own plane.  


The thrill of the wonder-flying super mechanical apparatus was immense.  A certain air of reverence towards pilots:  a  must.  The 'astronaut' with the many gauges and switches to manipulate was a hero to me.  Sixteen years old and learning the 'gauges and switches' I got started in after-class fly class with Prof. Joseph Eberhart back at the Colegio San José in Rio Piedras.

But it wasn't until after college that I could afford some fly time in a real 'bird'.  The year was 1992.  On that year I logged 28 hours in a Cessna 150;  a two-seater single engine wonder machine.  I soloed on March 19, 1992 after a mere 12 hours in the air.  Between 1993 and 2002 I took a leave from aviation.

In 2002 The VegaOne came to life.  It was an idea that became a reality after plenty of telephone calls and negotiations.  Made in Kansas and looking pretty as an eagle, the brand new Cessna 172 with the latest 'gauges and switches' flew in November to San Juan, its home.

Nowadays the VegaOne (pictured below) sits and awaits his master gallantly by the runway hoping for clearer skies.



What's next?  probably the VegaOne Submersible   









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